" The Biscuit Factory has completely changed my business, in fact I don't believe I would be where I am today without it. The support, the direction, the comradery. If you're on the fence at all I say go for it, you won't regret it! I am forever grateful to Tara and all my 'colleagues' ☺️ I know, if I'm ever stuck on anything or not sure what to do next, there's always someone to bounce ideas off and give advice. When you're a solo entrepreneur, that's absolutely priceless! "

Louise O'Hara

Culu Design

"Finding the Factory for the first time changed EVERYTHING! Tara become my mentor and a friend and helped me find the confidence really put myself out there. I went from knowing very little about social media to launching my business page, website and Instagram. I wouldn't be without it now."
Fran Halpin

Fran Halpin Art

"In one sentence, the big difference the factory has made to my business is that the voices in my head saying ‘you can’t do it’ quickly changed to real voices from like minded creatives and mentors telling me ‘you can do it!’ and I’m doing it every day thanks to the incredible support from this amazing community"
Brid Faning


"The benefits are endless! First of all it is a group of people who are there to support you. If one person has something to celebrate, we all celebrate with them. If they have a problem, we put our heads together to come up with solutions. It is very much 'Community over competition." 
Felicia Thomas

Illustrator and award winning author

"I had been out of the creative industry for so long I was sure being drawn back in would mean I felt exposed to ridicule. I found the group the polar opposite. The group instantly offered praise and curiosity about what I do. I felt cushioned from the world I was stepping back into and that made my confidence thrive."

Helen Hancock

International Glass Artist

"Tara and The Factory members helped me develop my confidence for camera, to put myself out there and to keep developing new designs and offers. It is my go-to for all things business"
Liga Valge

Valg Studio

"The factory is brilliant. The one thing I hated about being self employed was not being able to trouble shoot with anyone. I always have questions & the best thing about the factory is the Q&As twice a week where Tara will help with absolutely any questions, or even if I just need a bit of a boost. Best money I’ve spent on my business, highly recommend. "
Allie O' Leary

Oh My Goodness Ireland Bakery - Vegan, Dairy Free and Gluten Free 

Wild Watermelon Greeting Cards
Andria Parsons

"A fantastic starting point for anyone feeling stuck. Tara has been a great support to me personally, I can pick her brain on any questions that come up.Thank you Tara for creating something very special over in The Biscuit Factory."

Aisling Griffin

Graphic Designer

"I've been in the Factory for a while now, and honestly it is an invaluable tool for me as a solo businessperson and creative. You can choose how involved (or not) you want to be in the Factory. Each week there are multiple zoom calls available with mentors to help with accountability, action, and any questions you might have. If you cant make these, the replays are available, and these include transcripts, if like me you prefer to read than to watch! Tara also organises workshops throughout the year that reflect what the Factory Members feel they need - It could be anything from bookkeeping and finances, to managing social media, setting up and building email lists or blogs, or getting ready for Christmas and all that it entails. There are also lots of past courses you can do that are available to you on the Factory website, including video tutorials, slides, worksheets to fill out and more. The best bit is of course the community of members, both past and present. The support on the group is fantastic, and we help each other out too, sharing our skills and knowledge, forming friendships and collaborations, and sharing contacts and ideas. I LOVE the Factory, as anytime I feel lost or unsure about my business, it gives me the support and the tools to reassess, make a plan, and take action - Thanks Tara!"

MJ Jacob - Mad Jessie

♻️Hats, gloves, recycled scarves & more

"I recommend the Biscuit Factory to everyone who mentions they are trying or planning to sell their craft! Tara and the team are so amazing and I love being in this group. I make jewellery in a workshop at home and have my shop online. I got to a point in by business where I really didn't intuitively know how to make the next steps in growing by business and realising that I needed guidance and support by people who know what to do through their own collective experiences, I signed up. Before I was in 'No Mans Land', sort of oblivious as to how I should help my business get to the next level. The other members are so inspiring and together the group really helps each other out as there is such a huge amount of experience within the group also! The factory has so much to offer for example educational videos, several weekly calls, guest speakers, masterclasses etc. I have been on plenty of courses and mentoring groups over the past few years, the Biscuit Factory is really special though. Its a great place to meet other creatives, ask questions and learn how to get our work out there, get it seen and make our dream livelihood a reality. "

Sarah Herbert

Pale Raven Jewellery

"Im Suzanne O Sullivan Glass artist, before I joined the Factory I had nearly 20 years experience as a glass artist but little experience in running a bisness. And that is where I was stuck. I needed help to grow my glass art studio into a successful business. The Factory has so many workshops in the library, I'm still working my way through them. Tara is always listening to what the members needs are and doing new workshops to suit our needs. Tara is so incredibly passionate about helping all the members in the factory succeed, the Q &A sessions and accountability calls allow you to ask for the help you need and put a plan together and keep on track. Even when I don't have any questions I listen to the other creatives and I learn from and get inspired by them. As a community we have all learned from each other and we all encourage and help each other to grow. Not all business schools can boast that they are a community as well and that's what makes the factory so incredibly unique. Would I recommend it ? I d sing it from the roof tops, 100% yes."

Suzanne O Sullivan

Glass Artist

Paula Fitzgibbon (Wilson)
Paula Fitz Handmade Jewellery

"I joined the Biscuit Factory feeling overwhelmed by all the parts of starting a business, but the step-by-step guide and personalised coaching gave me some much needed clarity. The community aspect of being with other like-minded people, who were once where I am and are now succeeding - is a great motivator.
I’m only new here, but I already know this will be a great boost for my business. I’d be happy to recommend joining to anyone who wants to make a living from their creative work, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the Biscuit Factory will continue to help me and my business grow."

Arden R

Guitar Cards

"I joined Tara in the factory when I was feeling overwhelmed and a little lost, struggling with working alone. Being part of the factory keeps me motivated and gives me the space to bounce business ideas, hear others share their experiences and get newfound direction or clarity on what I should be doing. The workshops are also really helpful for improving or learning new skills or practices for your business. Tara has been an amazing support keeping me focussed on the right things in my business, as well as a great help at getting rid of that self doubt that constantly tries to take over! The factory has been a huge benefit to me personally and my business so far! "
Michele Ryan

Market Street

"Before joining the Factory my business was becoming a hot mess.
My mind works at warp speed but I wasn’t getting anywhere fast. Since joining the Factory I’ve learnt to slow down, do one thing at a time (not 500) and FOCUS on getting the steps done one at a time. I would definitely recommend anyone to join the factory as it helps you grow your business with clarity and there’s fantastic workshops and tutorials that you can watch over and over again. Plus the other members are fab & so welcoming."

Fiona Scott

Resin Artist

"Building an art business is difficult especially when you have young children and little time to do all the things you want. I found the Factory brilliant for keeping me focused and for simplifying my offerings. It has brought my work to the next level"

Sarah Eva Manson

Sarah Eva Manson Art