A Membership Community To Learn, Grow & Stay Accountable

Do You & Your Business Scream Confidence,
Clarity & Sales?

Like Caroline Duffy a long term member of The Biscuit Factory ? 

No? Then read on...

I know you feel like there are gazillion ideas in your head that need attention.

I know you have big dreams and a vision for what you want to create.

I also know you feel like you are jumping from one thing to the other, not really understanding or having a plan to get real results.

You are reacting to the next best IG tactic to grow your following.

You see peers in your space that seem much calmer than you.

They look polished and together and you know they are also making sales.

YOU WANT to GET THERE FAST but you know there has to be a better way.

You are exhausted but still you have this fire in your belly, after all this is your passion right?

You can't continue to feel burnt-out & stressed so what you can do?


Take stock of yourself and create a system and process that will bring calm & flow.

YAY that sounds good right? You’re in the right place.

Your main problem is...

You keep learning what to do, but feel stuck  trying to make it all happen.
You KNOW a lot of things but you don't seem to be making any progress with sales!

Your social media is growing but your sales are not! Confused!

What you REALLY need is...

A boss to keep you focused on what to do and when to do it...without the stress of a 'real' boss!

Someone that is very honest but leads with her heart, having kindness at the center.

Someone that has your best interests at heart and is not afraid of suggesting change.

Someone that understands every business and every human is different and can adapt the focus accordingly.

That is where WE come in!

We provide support, education and mentoring to get you on the correct path.

The path that has taken my business to 6-figures.

The path that is guiding members towards their goals what ever that looks like.

We have developed step by step workshops to take you from confused to having a clear path.

More importantly we keep you on track with...

* Weekly live accountability calls 
* Weekly Q&A calls and monthly live workshops

PLUS access to a library jam packed with past training, workshops & live calls replays.

Get closer to your goals - whatever they look like for you!

Every business is different - every person is different - we celebrate that in The Biscuit Factory x 

Let's back up to 2014  real quick...

When I first decided I wanted to build my new business.

I had a huge vision and at the core, a passion for what I wanted to achieve.  

After what felt like  500 million hours of late nights, weekends and giving away tons of FREE advice I realised something… I didn't have a real strategy or game plan and I most definitely needed support and accountability to make that game plan happen.  

I was super "busy"... I was "doing" but not D-O-I-N-G (you know what I mean ?!?!)  

I'll never forget the moment when I decided it was time for my own big break.
Time to make it real.
Time to stop "trying".  

I put my head down and went to work.
I figured out what I needed to do to make all this "online stuff" really work.  
And that's what I did.    

I made my first 6 figures in 2020 and my business is growing 20% year on year ( yup I know my numbers inside out too & so will you!! ) but more importantly for me, I have clarity and flow PLUS I do NOT work weekends and very rarely late nights.

Today, my business is giving me the freedom I always dreamt of and the confidence to keep following my passion.  

So what has all of this got to do with you?

Well I am here to share with you HOW I did it and how I am helping 100s of ambitious Creatives do the same.

Claire Mclaughlin
'Seen Unseen' social enterprise

MJ Illustrator & Designer

What You Get Inside The Biscuit Factory

Monthly Live Workshops

We are always learning inside the Biscuit Factory. Every month we have a guest trainer or Tara runs a course to keep us educated and on top of the every changing business landscape. Email marketing, Social Media, Press, Productivity, Branding, Sales tactics...


We like to take our people offline and meet up for chats!

Friendships, collaborations, support and FUN are really cool parts of surrounding yourself with like minded people. Cool thing happen when you do!

Weekly Live Accountability Calls

Staying accountable to our to-do list and getting guidance on that is super helpful so every week we host live calls to make sure our members are feeling on top of their work. We host accountability calls every Monday morning 10am and Tuesday evening 6pm.

Business Mentoring Sessions

A HUGE part of the Factory is the 1:1 support Tara gives.

Every Friday we run a live Q&A hour with Tara before we break for the weekend. Every second week Tara hosts HOT SEATS.
You can book a hot seat in advance and as many times as you wish. If you are stuck on something like: what kind of offer to put out there, why you are not growing on Instagram or whatever it is you need help with , Tara is always there to get you UNSTUCK! - Priceless.

 "Finding the Factory for the first time changed EVERYTHING! 
Tara become my mentor and a friend and helped me find the confidence really put myself out there. I went from knowing very little about social media to launching my business page, website and Instagram. 
I wouldn't be without it now." 

Fran Halpin
Fran Halpin Art

 "Tara and The Factory members helped me develop my confidence for camera, to put myself out there and to keep developing new designs and offers. It is my go-to for all things business" 

Liga Valge
Valg Studio

 "Building an art business is difficult especially when you have young children and little time to do all the things you want. I found the Factory brilliant for keeping me focused and for simplifying my offerings. It has brought my work to the next level" 

Sarah Eva Manson
Sarah Eva Manson Art

 "I had been out of the creative industry for so long I was sure being drawn back in would mean I felt exposed to ridicule. I found the group the polar opposite. The group instantly offered praise and curiosity about what I do. I felt cushioned from the world I was stepping back into and that made my confidence thrive.

Helen Hancock
International Glass Artist

 The benefits are endless! First of all it is a group of people who are there to support you. If one person has something to celebrate, we all celebrate with them. If they have a problem, we put our heads together to come up with solutions. It is very much 'Community over competition'. 

Felicia Thomas
Illustrator and award winning author

 "In one sentence, the big difference the factory has made to my business is that the voices in my head saying ‘you can’t do it’ quickly changed to real voices from like minded creatives and mentors telling me ‘you can do it!’ and I’m doing it every day thanks to the incredible support from this amazing community

Brid Faning





⚡️Two Weekly live accountability calls (€796)
⚡️Weekly Q&A live sessions with Tara (€1196)
⚡️Monthly workshops (€169)
⚡️200+ hrs of mentoring (€333)
⚡️60+ hrs of workshops & courses (€249)
⚡️Access to support Community of ambitious      Creatives - (Priceless)
⚡️Off-line social meet ups! 

for only €59!

"Weekly Accountability Calls."

"1:1 Mentoring Calls"

"Monthly Training Workshops"

"100+ hrs of training, mentoring replays, workshops, interviews."