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Are You Ready To Transform Your Creative Business?

" I am not leaving! "
 Caroline Duffy  

" I wish I joined years ago "
Lana Dallaghan
Interior Designer/Artist

 "I had been out of the creative industry for so long I was sure being drawn back in would mean I felt exposed to ridicule. I found the group the polar opposite. The group instantly offered praise and curiosity about what I do. I felt cushioned from the world I was stepping back into and that made my confidence thrive.

Helen Hancock
International Glass Artist

 The benefits are endless! First of all it is a group of people who are there to support you. If one person has something to celebrate, we all celebrate with them. If they have a problem, we put our heads together to come up with solutions. It is very much 'Community over competition'. 

Felicia Thomas
Illustrator and award winning author

 "In one sentence, the big difference the factory has made to my business is that the voices in my head saying ‘you can’t do it’ quickly changed to real voices from like minded creatives and mentors telling me ‘you can do it!’ and I’m doing it every day thanks to the incredible support from this amazing community

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