Unlock Your Wealth: Overcome the Hidden Money Blocks Holding You Back!

Explore how to smash money blocks for creatives! Unlock financial success & fuel your business growth. Say goodbye to stress, hello abundance!

Picture this: 

You're a creative at heart, armed with talents that can paint the world in hues of expression and originality. Yet, when it comes to managing the finances of your small business, you feel like you're trying to capture a masterpiece with a toothbrush. 

Money blocks—those psychological barriers that hinder our financial growth—are all too common among creative small business owners.I know I have been riddled with them!

But here's the good news: Recognising and overcoming these blocks are the first step towards financial freedom and business success.

Understanding Money Blocks

What Are Money Blocks?

Money blocks are essentially emotional and psychological barriers that prevent us from achieving our full financial potential. They are the nagging doubts and fears that whisper in our ears, telling us we don't deserve success, or that financial security is just a pipe dream.

Common Money Blocks Among Creatives

  • Fear of Success: Yes, it sounds counterintuitive, but the fear of actually making it big can paralyse us. It's the worry about the unknown, about whether we'll be able to handle success when it comes.
  • Fear of Failure: The flip side of the coin, fear of failure, is all-too-familiar. It's the thought of not making it that can stop us from even trying.
  • Impostor Syndrome: That sneaky feeling that we're not really as talented as people think, and one day, everyone will find out.
  • Scarcity Mindset: The belief that there's not enough to go around, leading us to hoard resources or opportunities, afraid to invest in ourselves or our business.

Overcoming Money Blocks

Identifying Your Money Blocks

The first step in conquering your money blocks is recognising them. This requires honest self-reflection and feedback from trusted peers or mentors.

Strategies to Overcome Money Blocks

  • Setting Financial Goals: Clear, achievable goals give you something to aim for and help measure progress.
  • Creating a Positive Money Mindset: Changing the narrative around money from something scarce to abundant, can transform your approach to business.
  • Embracing Financial Literacy: Understanding the basics of finance and business economics can demystify many fears around money.
  • Leveraging Community Support: Surrounding yourself with a network of like-minded individuals can provide encouragement and practical advice.

Money Management for Creatives

Budgeting for Creatives

Crafting a budget that reflects your creative business’s unique needs and fluctuating income can be empowering, giving you control over your financial future.

Investing in Your Business

Knowing when and how to reinvest in your business is crucial. Whether it's upgrading equipment, investing in marketing, or expanding your skill set, smart investments can fuel growth.

Diversifying Income Streams

Relying on a single source of income is risky. Exploring different avenues, such as merchandise, online courses, or passive income streams, can provide financial stability.

Leveraging Technology

Tools for Financial Management

From budgeting apps to accounting software, technology offers a plethora of tools to simplify financial management for creatives.

Online Platforms for Expanding Your Business

The digital age has made it easier than ever to reach a global audience. Platforms like Etsy, Patreon, or social media can be powerful channels for growing your business.

Case Studies

Success Stories of Overcoming Money Blocks

Drawing inspiration from others who've navigated and conquered their money blocks can provide motivation and actionable insights. Check out Denise Duffield Thomas aka Lucky Bitch - I've been following her for years. 

Lessons Learned from Failures

Sometimes, the best lessons come from failures. Understanding what went wrong and how others pivoted can be invaluable for avoiding similar pitfalls.

Overcoming money blocks is not just about financial literacy; it's about rewriting the emotional and psychological narratives we've constructed around money. 

For creatives running small businesses, breaking free from these blocks can open up a world of opportunity and success. Embrace your unique path, lean into the discomfort of growth, and remember: Your creative talents are a conduit to not just artistic, but financial, fulfilment.


→ What are some signs that I might have money blocks? Signs that you might be experiencing money blocks include feeling anxious when thinking about finances, procrastinating on financial tasks (like invoicing or budgeting), undercharging for your services out of fear of losing clients, feeling like you don't deserve financial success, or experiencing guilt when you do make money. If you notice these patterns affecting your decision-making and your business's growth, it's likely you're facing money blocks.

    → Can money blocks be completely eliminated, or do they require ongoing attention? Overcoming money blocks is often a journey rather than a one-time fix. While you can make significant progress in understanding and dismantling these blocks, maintaining a healthy relationship with money usually requires ongoing attention. Like any aspect of personal development, setbacks can happen, but they become easier to navigate with time, tools, and self-awareness.

      → How can I set realistic financial goals if my income fluctuates? Setting realistic financial goals amidst fluctuating income involves a few strategies: First, base your budget on your lowest-expected income to ensure your essentials are covered. Then, establish an emergency fund to smooth out the lean periods. Finally, set aside a percentage of higher-earning months for investments or savings towards bigger goals. This approach allows for flexibility and stability, making financial planning more manageable.

        → Are there any recommended resources for improving financial literacy for creatives? Yup, there are several excellent resources aimed specifically at improving financial literacy among creatives. Books like "Profit First for Creatives" by Mike Michalowicz or "Art Money Success" by Maria Brophy provide tailored advice. Websites like The Creative Independent offer guides and articles on financial planning for creatives. Additionally, online courses on platforms like Coursera can offer structured learning paths on finance and business management.

          → How important is community support in overcoming money blocks? Community support is invaluable. Connecting with fellow creatives who understand the unique challenges of managing a creative business can provide both emotional and practical support. Whether it's sharing tips on handling finances, offering encouragement during tough times, or celebrating successes, a supportive community can make the journey of overcoming money blocks less daunting and more rewarding. Networking groups, online forums, and local meetups can be great places to find this kind of support. Bite The Biscuit is our FREE community group which is a fantastic spot to find support. The Biscuit Factory is the place you learn how to make money and get the real time connection with our community for support and accountability as you do so. 

            I hope this has helped and perhaps triggered a few..yikes moments. This stuff hits me all the time. 

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