Caroline Duffy Designs Building A Brand To Die For

Everything is down to nature for me. My mission is to make and design colourful pieces that create vitality, happiness and intrigue...

I have the pleasure of working with Caroline inside our membership community.

To say she is nailing her strategy and consistent messaging is an understatement.

Yes, she has the imagery, the product line, the smarts for making it all come together BUT just like 99% of the students before her, unless she has a sounding board, accountability and support she feels lost in the to-do list.

Let's see what Caroline Duffy wants to share with us today.

Check her gorgeous work out:https://carolineduffydesigns.c... 

Q: Tell me your first memory of Creating and when did you decide to build a business around your work?

I am an artist and textile designer living in Dundalk. While studying at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin, I fell in love with textiles and patterns. After graduating from NCAD, I spent 10 years creating surface and textile design for Textile Houses in New York, Sydney, and London. Then I decided to start my own design and art business, back here in Ireland.

With my Art, I love to create colourful pieces that are all inspired by nature – whether it’s a floral or Abstract painting, printed silk scarf, notebooks, or cards.

Collaborating with business clients, I create designs for high-end, commercial labels designing prints and patterns for some of the world’s best-loved brands. I have designed women’s wear, swimwear, cushions, home furnishings, bed linen, children’s wear, men’s wear, and athleisure wear.

Everything comes down to nature for me.

My mission is to make and design colourful pieces that create vitality, happiness, and intrigue to me and those who see them.

Q: Was there something you discovered about yourself once you started to run your business? 

Yes, I discovered that I really loved it, to create from the heart. I enjoy the process of designing for businesses and seeing a project through from start to finish. I also get create enjoyment when people want and buy my art.

Q: How did you grow your business from the kitchen table to now, was there one thing that really changed everything? 

I worked at it steadily., taking down times when I needed it after having my three children. In the past two years, I feel now is the time to drive it on!

Q: What was or IS the biggest struggle with running your Creative business?

The biggest struggles are:
1. Time management.
2. How to promote my business and get it to reach my target market.
3. Working alone and having someone else to bounce ideas off.

I feel I am overcoming all of these things with the help of the Factory. Tara and the community are a great help with questions I have on every aspect of my business, from marketing, product types, time management, goal setting, planning, and especially a sense of not being alone in this community.

Q: Why Did You Choose To Use and Join The Biscuit Factory? 

I joined the biscuit factory after I completed the six-week course. I found that all we learned in this course was of huge benefit and I wanted to continue learning and leaning into the community here.

Q: Have you had any reservations about entering the Biscuit Factory? 

I was thinking about the cost, but I can see it is worth it.

Q: What Measurable Benefits Have You Seen? 

The Factory has helped with marketing new products and launching them successfully.
I have learned how to put together successful press releases and gather press contacts.
I have learned more about social media in a few months than years on my own trying to figure it out.
I have benefitted from taking part in weekly goal setting, it has kept me really focused and moving forward with my business.

I have a real connection to other businesses and the sense of support is really comforting.

The fear I used to have about trying new things has eased a little and it is not stopping me now. I still feel the fear, but just do it anyway!

'Done is better than perfect' motto I now live by!

Thanks Caroline! 

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