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I help ambitious Creative minds to declutter ideas & form a simple plan in order to sell with ease. 

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How To Increase Traffic To Your Online Shop.

Know How To Attract The Correct Audience.

Get Noticed In A Noisy Online Marketplace.

Change Your Mindset Regarding Sales & Start To Trade Smartly.

Hey! I'm Tara

I am a serial entrepreneur and TedX speaker who began my business journey 27 years ago.
I have since built and sold two successful businesses, advised and coached 100's of entrepreneurs before launching my dream online business that has served 1000's of Creative since 2015. I have taught in Irelands top university Trinity College, & government bodies whilst building a 6 figure business online.

That dream business journey has not been easy but I have learned, listened and took action and I want to share my learnings with you.

I can help you...let's see how...

Are you struggling to keep up with it ALL ?

Fancy updates on marketing tactics,
social media, books to help you,
fun stuff to keep ya smiling,
honest insight into what it's really like running a business...
plus reminders on HOW to deal with it all...

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THE BISCUIT FACTORY members only space that takes you step by step through a framework for business growth.Connect, Learn & Take Action! 

It doesn't matter how talented you are as an artist...

If you do not start looking at your offering from a business perspective you will always struggle to make money.
Being successful in business is doing things in the correct order.

Successful small business
owners know...

...there are lots of skills needed to run a business. Many believe these 'business skills' are for others after all Creatives are not meant to be good at business...right?

With the following foundations in place we see 100s of Creatives build businesses and brands they stand proud of. 

You need these foundational things in place...

1. Know who you are selling to and why.

2. Optimize all your channels for growth.

3. Know your core offer and what it means for your customers.

4. Craft your story.

5. Build a marketing system for ongoing sales.

6. Do the inner work so you can thrive and deal with all of the above.

Once you break down your business into these core modules and start building them out in order, your business will feel more manageable, results will begin to appear and your confidence levels will soar.

So let's do this!

What members of The Biscuit Factory
mentoring space want you to know...

 " I joined the Biscuit Factory when I decided to take my artwork seriously. The benefits are endless! It is a group of people who are there to support you. If one person has something to celebrate, we all celebrate with them. If they have a problem, we put our heads together to come up with solutions. It is very much 'Community over competition'.  I would highly recommend the Biscuit Factory. If you are ready to invest in your business then this is the best way to do it in my opinion." 

Felicia Thomas
Author & Illustrator 

 "The community is so supportive, there is always someone who is at the same stage as you, or having the same problem, and everyone is more than happy to share their knowledge and expertise. Whether you just need to feel that you are not alone, or you need advice grounded in real life experience, this is the place to be. The sessions are very much community led teaching what is salient to the group. I love the atmosphere of gentle accountability. And last but by no means least Tara has the remarkable knack of reminding you just what is important, and where you need to place your focus when you are feeling overwhelmed and a bit lost.

Maria Jordan O'Reilly

 " I came into Biscuit supports as a sort of last resort - my business was stagnating and I was losing the passion for it, something needed to happen. During my time with Biscuit, I was given every tool that I needed and I had actually increased sales and interaction from the first week! The biggest impact was the encouragement and feeling of complete support that I received throughout. I would encourage anyone to jump in and embrace this course, it will be the best thing you ever do!! Kirsten 

Kirsten from Tinnock Farm
Candle & soap maker