What Do I Get If I Join The Biscuit Factory Support Community?

Great question...so let's dive in...

Weekly Live Accountability Calls

Staying accountable to our to-do list and getting guidance on that is super helpful so every week we host live calls to make sure our members are feeling on top of their work. We host accountability calls every Monday morning 10am and Tuesday evening 6pm.

Business Mentoring Sessions

A HUGE part of the Factory is the 1:1 support Tara gives.

Every Friday we run a live Q&A hour with Tara before we break for the weekend. Every second week Tara hosts HOT SEATS.
You can book a hot seat in advance and as many times as you wish. If you are stuck on something like: what kind of offer to put out there, why you are not growing on Instagram or whatever it is you need help with , Tara is always there to get you UNSTUCK! - Priceless.

Monthly Live Workshops

We are always learning inside the Biscuit Factory. Every month we have a guest trainer or Tara runs a course to keep us educated and on top of the every changing business landscape. Email marketing, Social Media, Press, Productivity, Branding, Sales tactics...

Community Off Line Events

We like to take our people offline and meet up for chats!

Friendships, collaborations, support and FUN are really cool parts of surrounding yourself with like minded people. Cool thing happen when you do!

A Sneak Peek Into The Members Only Area

For Creatives Running Small Businesses 2022

Lisa Illustrator and card creator - missleelasassafras.com

"If you need a network of support and help with accountability this is the place for you"

MJ - MadJessie.com

"If you are in the depths of struggling with your creative business then The Biscuit Factory is the right place for you. "

Helen Costello  Ceramics

If you’re going to build a business around your passion;
Art, Craft, Holistic space, Jewellery, Design, Creative Services...

This is the ONE thing every practice has to pay attention to.

You’re going to have to get real about, well…

Successful small business owners know that in order to build a business that doesn’t include you working 24/7, begging for customers, or playing the “who’s charging the least” game you have to concentrate on three things;

Positioning, Pricing, Promotion

Because at the end of the day if you do not know...

⚡️Who you help + how you help them,
⚡️How to charge your worth &
⚡️How to find people who will actually pay...

...your business isn't going to get very far, right?

Take it from someone that has directly mentored 100s of people in
an ongoing basis inside the Factory to nail these key elements of their business.

We learn these strategies and are kept accountable for taking action on them!


Sick of trying to figure it all out alone?

"Monthly Training Workshops"

"100+ hrs of training, mentoring replays, workshops, interviews."