Here's what you need to know


yAY! you are in.

I am so happy you are here with me and the other Factory Members.

We are creating a very special safe space for Creative Entrepreneurs who want to build successful businesses around their work.


So how does this Factory roll?

Firstly, there are weekly happenings in The Factory, all of which will be communicated to you on The Factory Floor…

…Our Home Ground: The Facebook Community Page: The Factory's Private Members Box password: F*ers.

Secondly,  to keep things simple there is ONE main area of The Factory right now, you need to know about.


This is where all the training content sits.

It is broken into categories eg: Social Media, Technical etc.

Each month new material is added to The Library so keep an eye out.

Finally, our main form of Communication and the diamond in The Biscuit Factory Community is our support group.

We also run OFF LINE events like dinners, coffee dates to name a few. All that information is in our MEET UP Group. Please click here to join.

If you have not already, please go over and introduce yourself and get comfortable on your new home ground, it is where the magic happens. 



Nuts & Bolts of The Factory Site 

How to use the factory

At the top of the page there is a navigation heading. This will take you to different places in the site. 

The Calendar is updated with what is happening in our Community Facebook Group, off-line meet ups and new content that is added to The Library for you to consume. 

All training videos and downloads are free to consume as you wish, backed up with the F*Biccies Community to bounce ideas, share your projects and get feedback on what you are working on.

Bring the conversation over to your Community who are all eager to support & help you.

You can manage your own Account here.



Email me at if you need help.