You Go Live...Now What?

The build up is not only exciting but you have created a buzz around what you do and people are engaging with your 'new' offering.

You have just launched your site, etsy shop, new product and phew now you need a holiday right?

Eh...nope now you need to build on what you have just accomplished! 

You need to build that name, grow sales and engage with potential customers.


Indeedy, now the strategy stuff kicks in. 

How are you going to do this?

What tools do you need to use?

Should you advertise?

What do you post about on Social Media?

Blogging?? Oh right : how do I start this ?

We are just kicking off my friend! 

Are you ready?


The Biscuit Factory Library is packed with resources, interviews and tutorials to help you figure out what you need to do at this stage of your Business.

Every month new content is added to help you on your journey coupled with direct access to Tara, your personal Business Mentor PLUS a Community of Creative Entrepreneurs all eager to support and help each other on similar paths.

Working solo just went out of date!



Stephanie from Frank & Nora spills the beans on The Factory...


I'm ready to make a move.




Q. what do i actually get in the factory?

The Biscuit Factory is an online Membership Community that provides

  • Training via video & downloads.

  • Support for its members with personal business advice in our private Facebook Group

  • Brings together a Community of like-minded Creatives who want to make something from their Creative practice

  • Takes away the isolation and frustration that comes with being a small business owner


Q. i have a lot of work done and need more sales will the factory help with this?

Absolutely! Sales is what makes your practice a business and figuring out how you can reach your target audience, create a Sales plan and actually convert those interested parties are VITAL for Growth stage of your business. 

So YUP! We gotcha covered! 

Q. i have little or no time now, how will i factor this in?

I know all about this one! Remember, this is a space that can be accessed 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. The personal business advice and mentoring is accessible via our Facebook Group and you can post in your questions anytime night or day! There may be a wait time but you will always get an answer! Sometimes we need to stop and look at why we are so busy and see if we have processes set up in our business that makes sense : we can help you with that.


Q. there are so many costs right now in my business how can i justify another one?

I understand where you are coming from. Lots going out and not alot coming in right?

Yup been there! Something I have learned on my Entreprenurial journey : be mindful of what you invest in and understand the value to the bottom line. I suggest you sit down and ask yourself if I keep doing what I am doing will I create enough Sales to break even? Do I know what that number is?  The Factory can help you get there at a really low cost per month. 

Remember you can always cancel if it is just too much. I totally get it! 

Monthly Membership ONLY €39 * 6 Months Membership €199 * Annual access €299


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