You have read the blogs, gone to all the talks, listened, watched and made shit loads of notes. You are still in the same place as you were 6 months ago.

It is time to make it happen.

Imagine having the tools and guidance to enable your Creative business to get the results you dream of.

A resource that you have access to that will continue to influence your decision making long after you engage with it.


I know you.

  • You self doubt your business capabilities.

  • You feel like you will never get your head around Marketing.

  • You do not understand Branding and can't seem to get to grips with how to marry your Creative work with it. Branding is for 'other' businesses right?

  • You lack confidence in how to put yourself out there.

  • You work hard and tend to spend too much time on social media with no return for your effort.

  • You are sick to shit of trying to make ends meet.






Don't try to do it alone.


After 24 years running businesses my BIGGEST takeaway is this...


I know I know, you want to prove to yourself, your disapproving auntie AND the world, that you can do it.

* You can do it all by yourself like a big person *

I am sure you can do it all by yourself but do not be a martyr. The journey does not have to be all about the hustle. It can be a supportive fun space that can thrust you into your business with energy and enthusiasm again. 

Wow imagine FUN! Forgot what that feels like right?

Trust me.

I have been on that hustle road and it ain't pleasant!

I want you to look at three options for you right now. Where you are in your business will impact this decision. 

If you are finding it difficult to decide please email me and I will help you. *yes I answer every email : it might take a while but I get back to everyone *

The Foundation Programme by The Biscuit Factory

In 3 weeks we will change the way you do business forever!

The Foundation Programme is a deep dive into your business, how to position your Creative work going forward in order to build a sustainable end result.

We brainstorm ideas, marketing campaigns, social media strategies and what you need to do to move forward with your business.

One Week Brand Intensive - The Biscuit Factory

You have heard of Branding but how do you link this to your Creative work?

Is it possible? YES it is and it is very powerful for targeting your ideal client, creating an engaged loyal audience and building a strong revenue from what you do.

In 4 days we will go through the foundation of Brand building and how you can start to apply this  TODAY!

The Biscuit Factory's Front Lounge

When you surround yourself with like minded people everything changes in your world. The Biscuit Factory is a safe supportive space where ambitious driven Creative business owners gather for mentoring, education and support like no other.

We have a weekly ‘office’ meeting, we have monthly guest trainers and we have a space to get honest feedback on our products, services and projects. The Factory is a game changer.


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