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        Helen Hancock
        International Glass Artist

         "I had been out of the creative industry for so long I was sure being drawn back in would mean I felt exposed to ridicule. I found the group the polar opposite. The group instantly offered praise and curiosity about what I do. I felt cushioned from the world I was stepping back into and that made my confidence thrive."

        Brid Fanning

         " In one sentence, the big difference the factory has made to my business is that the voices in my head saying ‘you can’t do it’ quickly changed to real voices from like minded creatives and mentors telling me ‘you can do it!’ and I’m doing it every day thanks to the incredible support from this amazing community! "

        Aisling Griffin
        Graphic Designer

         "A fantastic starting point for anyone feeling stuck. Tara has been a great support to me personally, I can pick her brain on any questions that come up.Thank you Tara for creating something very special over in The Biscuit Factory " 

        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

        After you initial settling period of aprox 2 weeks our members usually spend a max of 1.5 hours a week to maybe 2 inside the Factory. It really depends on what you need help on, where you are in your strategy plan and what stage of business you are at.
        Some people come in heavily for a few weeks and disappear then for a few weeks to implement. You always have access to Tara via email during your time at The Factory.

        We have kindness at the centre and if life happens or something doesn't feel right we are always open for a discussion on annual subscriptions. Monthly subs once paid are non refundable but you can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

        NO. A huge % of members join with an idea. They need to get it to the next step which is what we excel at in The Factory - making it all happen.

        We open on September 20th once we have all our new members signed up. We do this intentionally to welcome everyone together as we navigate our journeys to the next stage.

        Nope. Everyone gets the same content and support - whether you are monthly or annual. 

        As long as you are a member you have FULL access to all our workshops, interviews, courses etc FOREVER!!! We are adding to our library every week for you to access when you need it.