Welcome to the Free Workshop: How to sell on Social Media

Social Media is a brilliant Tool for Your Business

You just have to know how to engage THE RIGHT people.

In this free workshop, there are 4 steps to follow as to reach out to the right audience and make sales out of it.

We’ll focus on the Facebook approach that will impact your FB page.

If you are struggling with growing your FB audience and getting engagement and the correct eyeballs on what you do ...then this free workshop is for you.


Free Workshop - Day 3: Drive traffic to your website

Learn How To Drive Traffic over to your website, and engage the audience you’re cultivating on Facebook



In this part of the workshop, we will get more into a technical side demonstrating how to set up your Facebook Pixels :)

When people interact with your website Facebook can connect person activity to a Facebook profile. This is very important when you want to create a specific add for a specific people group.