WEEK 4 Blogging Challenge


Let's Get Blogging!

Four Week Challenge


Hey Biccies,

Continuing from Week 3 let's dive into Week 4: WHERE TO PROMOTE YOUR BLOG.

This is a 4 Week Challenge you can dive into at any time and please use the Community page here to get your offering in and ASK FOR FEEDBACK.

Remember one of Biscuit's mantras: DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT!



Week 4

First off well done on getting to Week 4 and I hope you are getting excited about now pushing your new Blog content out into the world.

Remember when you begin to Blog, you will not get HUGE attention so it gives you room to warm up to the whole idea and process of Blogging.

The key thing is to JUST DO IT!

Like everything else the more you do it, the easier it gets and making mistakes is an important part of learning, so never be afraid of egg on chin buzz!

To begin Week 4 I want to make sure that you have Google Analytics set up and WebMasters. Take a look at the links for the training on how to do this.  As mentioned in the video it is important for these guys to be running in the background so when you are ready you have actual data to work with. 

2. When promoting your Blog post try not to just share your Blog link out in the same format. Be creative and change images and headers to attract different viewers and to monitor what is getting click through rates. You do not have to go in and change the actual Blog content to do this, simply use this tool BITLY and create your own blog link and customize our social postings accordingly. 

3. Make friends with this superduper tool IFTTT. You can automate so much of your content across different platforms and save so much time. I promise you this is a game changer!

4. When your Blog mentions other businesses or people and you push your content out on Social, be mindful of tagging. If you content is very salesy and self promotional then tagging to exploit someones audience can piss people off. A very short email to that person goes a long way and can create a mutual respect for future promotional activity. 

5. Use FB groups to strategically place your Blog posts. Try not to bulk FB group postings as a lot of your audience sit the same groups. 

6. Don't forget or be shy to post Blog in conversations where it will be relevant and useful to the people in the conversation, another great way to drive traffic and awareness of your post.

7. Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are also great Blog promotion drivers, especially Pinterest in the Creative sector. 

The HUGE nugget now is to consistently post out your Blog and do not be afraid to repeat that posting.

Go get 'em Biccies!