Content Creation For Small Businesses


Creativity in a small business is a must.

Being a Creative with a small business is a plus.

Finally, I am getting to write this Blog post. 

Why is Blog writing or even content creation for small businesses so difficult?

The endless to-do lists seem to smother Blog creation or is it procrastination? Agh yeah my old friend/ or bastard depends on how you look at it. 

Well my bastard friend: Ms.Procrastination got a whack in the rear end during 2017 when I really put my productivity hack to good use. Without it I would not be looking at a business that has doubled its income, an audience that has grown by 110% and the motivation and will to push forward.

My saving grace while juggling a growing business and a new born baby is my favourite hack THE SCRUM BOARD. 


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This morning as I sniff my new scented candle from Anu which is perched on my desk,  I am sitting down to write this Blog post.

* Sigh! * Got there finally!

If you Blog, are thinking of starting a Blog or are feeling totally overwhelmed by the thoughts of it, I can totally relate. 

I would urge you, to begin with the mindset of aiming to write like YOU.

Finding your voice online is one of THE most important things to master when you dive into this part of your Marketing. It will not only stamp you as an authentic voice, which in turn encourages trust from the reader but it will be more interesting for both you and your audience.

Eh! Easier said than done Tara!  

I get asked this over and over after I meet people in the flesh

" You sound the same on your Blog and in real life, how do you write like that? "

I am going to share my top tips to find your Blogging voice but first a little bit of housekeeping just so you know you are not listening to a complete fruit & nut cake! 

I facilitate a Community driven Brand for Creative professionals called Biscuit.

We have over 5.2K members in our Community page which is aptly named  Bite The Biscuit.

If you are a Creative looking for help with: 

  • Your Business,

  • Your new idea

  • Confidence

  • Motivation to make shit happen...

...and would really love some inspiration from other Creative humans in a positive supportive environment, then please join us over in our Free Community.

I SEE YOU! #keepcreative

I SEE YOU! #keepcreative

Ok, to kick it off  I wanted to create something that I know will really help you with this Blogging lark.

I know how frustrating and overwhelming creating content can be BUT I also know how powerful it is in order to build your Brand and your Creative Business.

It is all about getting your voice heard but not any owl voice, YOUR voice.


But where do you start, what to write about and how to write like YOU? 

I get it. 


I used to write so many SAFE blogs posts just in case someone may see the real person underneath.

Then I decided, nope this doesn't feel good to me and feck it, if people do not like reading how I write they can press ' go away Tara ' and that works for me too.

It really is a decision you have to make.

Remember you need to find your own audience who will get what you are talking about and how you decide to communicate with them.







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And remember ONE thing...actually don't just remember it I want you to write it down and stick it up in your work space.

This mantra is so very important in business.


We stop and stall waiting to put out only the best content until we are 'ready' to stand behind our work 110%.

Whilst I admire this work ethic, (and have suffered from this for so long in the past) I also know that if you do not start putting your content out there, including your actual Creative work, then you will not progress, you will not improve and your business will not evolve.




The Factory will Blog weekly and each Blog post will be jam-packed with advice, information and encouragement for your Creativity.


in true Biscuit style each Blog will have a takeaway for you.

* Something to learn

* Something to feel inspired by

* Something of value to you and your business

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