Christmas brought to you by The Biscuit Factory.


Picking out 'THE' gift for your loved ones can be a real chore.

Lucky for you, the members of our super duper supportive private Business Community aka The Biscuit Factory wanted to make it a bit easier for you this year.

We’ve rounded up a list of unique and memorable gifts you can give to your family and friends this Christmas, conveniently sorted by the personality trait leanings of the recipient.





1. For the Yasmin Yoga in your life who is constantly searching for the meaning of existence!

Mandala Artist & Workshop Wizard Patricia Fitzgerald of Healing Creations brings you a few different options this season.

She has launched a series of small framed limited edition prints of her outstanding Mandala Art Creations which come beautifully presented and would really make a unique and meaningful gift for our friend Yasmin...she can meditate on them til the cows come home: only €48.

If Yasmin gets unwittingly stressed at times despite herself and to be honest, you would prefer to spend more money on your partner, then you can introduce Yasmin  to the power of Mandalas with a calendar for just €17 or a Mandala colouring and journaling book for €20.

Sure Yasmin won't know herself if she can untie her legs from the lotus position.

If you think she'd like something a bit more hardcore then Patricia hosts Mandala Retreats and Workshops in Ireland and abroad. The next retreat will be at the stunning location of Lisnavagh House in Co.Carlow from Feb 23-25 2018 : full weekend €450 - €550.

These retreats book out pretty quickly and feedback from them are impressive, you can get more in depth info right here.


2. Moving onto the 'alternative' human in your family.

You know that sibling, the one that loves nature, bright colours and trying anything alternative? Let's call him Liam shall we?

Well an Artist that mirrors Liam in personality AND creates such statement work will win you brownie points with Liam and perhaps a free ride to Electric Picnic next year!

Her name is Lorna Watkins and her Studio is Studio Near The Sea. Now I have visited Lorna's studio in Sligo and yup it is pretty near the sea all right.

So Lorna has a few things going on that would be good for Liam's under the tree spot. If he has moved into a new apartment or bought his new home and is looking for some really lush artwork check out The Doorway Gallery, you can give Denise a call on 01-7645895 and tell her The Biscuit Factory send you!

Paintings start at 500e and jeenie mac Lorna is making noise in the Art world : her work is travelling to show in the Edinburgh Art Fair this month. Yeee hawwww! I am happy I have my few Lorna Watkins pieces nicely tucked at home.

Lorna being the super open and colourful character does not want to exclude anyone from experiencing such joy in their surroundings, so she now has limited edition Giclee Prints framed and unframed A4 and A3 starting at just E25.

What a way to get Liam all buzzed about his walls.

If you think Liam needs some serious detoxing from all his antics then check out this SUPER alternative gift idea : Seaweed Bath...yup it is time to get slimey and feeling oh so good!

You can also drop a super cool card with your gift for your Alternative friend.


3. The Kiddos!

If you are sick to your toffee filled teeth of giving plastic fantastic to the smallies in your life then this year teach them about 'handmade', about 'tradition', about gay elfs in rainbow dresses.

There is a lady called Aiveen.

Aiveen loves buttons.

Like seriously LOVES buttons. 

She creates awesome Christmas decorations that can be given as nostalgic childhood memory gifts. In the Factory we love slow products, in other words products that can be used again and again and again. That have soul and have a story behind them or you can give them a story and create a memory rather than just another plastic gift.

Our bananas for buttons Aiveen also creates a fantastic alternative to flowers. I don't know about you but I have 'black fingers', not a green one in sight so having this evergreen bouquet offering is pretty darn smart. They are great for kids bedrooms and even office spaces that need an injection of JOY ( godammit how many desks are crying out for some button joy ) 

Add some slow hand made keepers to your stocking list this year and make some memories. Prices start at €7 for our gay elf friend right up to big button bouquets for €34. 


4. For cousin Grainne the Grooooovy one. 

Daki Daki.


She says it twice and bajahsis you will get looks twice wearing Daki Daki creations. 

Daki Daki's tagline is 'LOVE YOUR COLOURS' but I also think you gotta 'love statement' with this line of lush handmade pieces too. I must mention that those huge earrings ( I had to get the orange pair ) are surprisingly light to wear, super comfy.

Her signature earrings range from just €22 - €27 and the uber cool bum bag or FANNY pack ( pwaaaaaa! gotta love the yanks ) are just €37.

Be inspired by Daki's look book here and then dive in and get all Groovy n shit! 


5. How about Auntie Joan the Pyromaniac.

The wha? Someone who loves burning shit but Joan also loves painting, crafts and discovering new & ancient art practices.

I want to introduce you to our Pyromaniac ( ok she is not diagnosed and that is just a joke but she really does love blo-torches ) 

Our French Fire Lady Isabelle Gaboirt who is an Encaustic Artist. Before I came across Isabelle I had no idea what this type of Art practice was. Not only is it historically interesting but the process and what Isabelle can actually create is really really beautiful PLUS she teaches how to practice burning things with her cool little blo-torches. Talk about a unique way of releaving stress!

Isabelle created a super cool studio located on the scenic shores of Lough Derg, County Clare you can read about how she made this SHE-SHED happen here. She runs Workshops in this magic space and sure carting Joan off to Co.Clare for a weekend to burn and create will ensure your extra portion of mince pies this year! 

Isabelle has these gorgeous mini-framed pieces for € 130 + €15 p&p and you can sign up for information on upcoming Workshops here and get the low down on how things roll. She also has vouchers on offer of €100.

Do it for Joan.


6. Vintage lover Valerie!

There is always one, the super stylish, accessorised and ready to strut with confidence. Valerie will love you forever after introducing her to this Vintage fashion hub.

Niamh and her sister Claire were inspired by their mother to dig Vintage and appreciate the historic value of bringing vintage fashion into modern wardrobes. These pieces are timeless and can not only add originality to an outfit but as Valerie knows, can give anyone that confidence of creating their own look.

The girls also know that shopping for Vintage has its challenges and in true ' we LOVE what we do' they offer a free vintage styling advice service at their outlet, based in Dublin.

You can easily book a time slot

Take a dive into their online Vintage store where prices of these one-off vintage pieces start at €30 right up to €250 and see what tickles your fancy.

I particularly love their accessories as I like to mix Vintage with modern.

What would Valerie love? 


7. Funky as Feck : your friend Freda.

You might feel a bit under pressure buying for Freda. She is down with the kids, loves Art, Creativity and throwing shapes on the dancefloor. 

Karen Hickey brings you Funky. Her portraits have been hung at Electric Picnic and are about to take pride in an uber funky internationally famous HQ here in Dublins docklands. Yup this work is as Funky as Feck!

Karen has just launched gift vouchers which are golden tickets to Karen's original art, commissions and prints.

She has a variety of people available from her online store

Print price ranges from just €15 right up to an original painting from €400 - € 1000


8. Let's talk birdy types like Magpie Michelle!

She loves small things, earrings & keeping things tidy on her desk, Threadscapes wall art is her thing.

Liga ( yes this Biccie was christened after a Biscuit...she was destined for this Community!! ) is a stickler for detail. She has a cool range of 'winter' jewellery out now, these bad boys are knitted...yes toasty jewellery! If you have any knitting fanatics or unique texture wall art lovers on your xmas list this year ya gotta check the exciting online jewellery and home accessories store here  

Liga has a few really cute things on offer this Christmas like this adjustable size Valg studio Rocks Collection Ring. Perfect for a special occasion as well as everyday wear. 

Prices start at €35.

Now immerse yourself in the tactile sensations and feelings that arise when you imagine unique colour and texture feature on your wall. Threadscapes all the way, I mind you, perfect for the best buddy Niall too! 

Prices start at €55.

She also has put this really teeny tiny Gift box together that Michelle would be weak at the knees for...

 "It's the little things in life" Michelle shrieks as she downs her 5th G&T with a twist of lemon and 2 ice-cubes.

Michelle's gift would include a super handy trinket tray to keep organised, a complimentary shooting star ornament perfect for the tree PLUS a card with a poem : Cherish love and the little things in life. 

Price start at €20.


9. For the lady that LOVES looking baby faced.

Ok that is any female over the age of 37 then. Fresh Face Fiona is gonna love this one.

As you hit a certain age that dew-like feel from your reflection tends to happen only after 22 hours sleep and a tub of vaseline. Thankfully I discovered the two beauties behind this Irish natural skincare company ANU

These lush ladies have so much to offer this Christmas and have nailed the 'ready to give' packaging...merci buckets Anu! 

Emer and Catriona's gift boxes start at just €22 for a Lip Balm Gift right up to €69 for our Goddess Gift, which includes my personal ultimate hero product ANU Night Balm, ANU Face Moisturiser, ANU Cleansing Balm & muslin cloth and an all natural lip balm, in a presentation box.

If you are into natural smelling candles ( jeenie mac Auntie Joan the firestarter, might dig these too! ) eco soy candles range from €20 to €35.


10. Music lovers, rain enthusiasts and lovers of the everyday.

A typical Irish human right? Hard to buy for, right?

No more colourful umbrellas or music vouchers....let's take it up a notch shall we?

A utterly unique Christmas gift idea, this will WOW your loved one, just like Julie Potter wow's me on a daily basis with what she can do with BLEACH...yeah BLEACH!

Julie takes a huge bucket of bleach and creates some really impressive art pieces.  She sells internationally and after a gentle nudge from The Factory has now decided to offer VERY limited edition prints of her Bleach fabric paintings.

Beautiful quality, 200gm matt indigo prints. They can be framed and delivered to you ready to hang or posted in a sleek black postal tube...snazzy!

An exclusive piece of unique Art but lads this run is for the Christmas period only so grab it while ya can. 


11. Seashore Serena. The beach lover, the water baby, the every weather outdoor enthusiast. 

Emer from Poppy & Ivy Studios loves the beach. She lives near one, she coambs them and then she creates her jewellery and seascapes because of them! She has created this Rockpool Terrarium Pendant with happy memories of rockpooling with her family ( as ya do like! )  They are so gorgeous  : take a look here.

Made with a handmade wire bezel, a 28" silver plated chain and sea treasures from East Cork rockpools such as preserved seaweed, seashells, crab shells and seaglass, encased in resin. €36 with free P&P worldwide. Comes beautifully packaged and ready to gift. 

If the Serena in your life loves the owl personalised charm bracelets then she will really dig this sea inspired version. Check it out here

Feminine, bohemian and earthy. Made with mixed metal starfish charms on a silver plated chain along with a rose gold plated disc (that I will hand stamp with the chosen initial) and your choice of seaglass charm. This piece comes with an extension chain so the length can be adjusted to suit wrist of the wearer. €30 with free P&P worldwide. Comes beautifully packaged and ready to gift. 

Emer has also put together these cool rustic Winter earrings. These pieces of amber coloured seaglass compliment the earthy tones of the bronze leaves beautifully, resulting in a rustic look, evocative of Autumn and Winter.  Created with nature inspired bronze alloy charms and Irish amber seaglass with your choice of silver plated or Sterling Silver ear wires. From €25 with free P&P worldwide. Comes beautifully packaged and ready to gift. 

Check them out out here



12. Next up we cannot forget about the family that LOVES documenting their life and sharing it in their home. The delicious Dwanes.

It was a Sunday evening and Mr & Mrs Dwane dropped in to see the grandparents for tea and cake ( they had over done the casual dropping in at 12.30 trick ...what? lunch ? oh no we havn't !!)

As they were all sitting around the table, chatting, Mr.Dwane senior gets up and comes back with two tiny photographs. 

'Do you know who this is?’, he asks. This is an old photo he is holding. Small. Black and white. Aged. There is a little boy, maybe 2. He is running on a field. Free. Smiling. 

The other photo is also small and aged. A young couple and a small child. They are sitting casually on the grass. It is probably a summer evening. 

'That’s me!', he said. ‘And these were my parents!’. These two pieces of old paper, being held like treasures. The memories. Everyone spent a few minutes studying their faces. Everyone smiled. 

This is a typical example of what Ana Dorado from ABD Photography is built from. She photographs families and looks at each session like a gift. You can always hear Ana say " There is something very special about capturing day to day life. You never realise how beautiful it is until you look back on it. Don’t take your family’s current stage for granted. "

Amen sista!

A recent client of hers sent her this : we had to pimp it like: 

 'Thank you Ana for the wonderful photographs you have taken of our family, and the very special photos of me and my best friend. They are more than just pictures, they are works of art...they really capture the spirit of the people in the frame, and act to keep a moment in time alive forever.'

Sessions start from €150 and PSSSSSSST you always receive a complimentary 10x8 print of your choice with your session.

Happy walls! 

Other products available (USB box, digital galleries, custom made albums) range from €350 to €700.


A Competition...there has to be some sort of competition right? Wait till ya get a load of this...

Aisling from Treetop Studio our super duper Graphic geenie is launching a new business and spanking new site in January.

To celebrate a recent knock to the head where she lost all logical thinking and went straight from her heart ( I totally made that up! ) she is running a FAB competition over Chrimbo.


* clearing throat * you can win....*once again....* 

A years supply of illustrated greeting cards! 



There you have it—covering an array of weird and wonderful loved ones this Season.

Support the Biscuit Community this year.


Tara x

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