A New Way Of Building Your Business.

This ONE beautiful concept is changing the lives of so many Creative Entrepreneurs and I want to let you in on the secret....

So what is it, Tara?

Before I reveal it to you,  I want to give you some idea of what this type of process means to real Creative people in business. 


" This process will make you feel part of a little Creative family, all going on a wonderful journey together.  

      Everyone encourages each other, supports each other and grows together. "


Christine Burns Photographer

Christine Burns Photography

What Christine is talking about is how she felt after experiencing a NEW way of learning and supporting herself both emotionally and strategically in her Creative business via The Foundation Programme run by The Biscuit Factory. 

It is the one thing generations of humans have focused on.

The backbone of happiness.

The source of true inspiration and support.

That one thing?  




The Biscuit Factory is built on a very simple premise: 

Community learning.

Over the last 2 years, I have experienced something very powerful. 

When you get like-minded people in the same space who are open, intelligent and hard working you can inspire and motivate individuals to follow their dreams.

How does Community learning work?

Watch this video...


I want to ask you something...


When is the last time you sat around a table with a group of people that made you buzz?

When is the last time you felt inspired to stop doing the same thing day in day out and make a change in your life?


We are the only drivers of our own reality.


Do you tend to blame the world for yours?

I urge you to join a Community of like-minded people, either on or off-line. 

If you are location challenged and have a choice of 12 similar aged humans to spend an evening with but would prefer to clean grout than sit through that, then I encourage you to get Online and find your space.

It can change the way you think about yourself and your life.

It can create change in your reality.

If you are a Creative looking for something bigger than 'just this' you can dive into our Free Community Bite The Biscuit  OR if you want to be part of something a bit more intense on getting you to the next level of your business, then check out The Biscuit Factory!