What do I write in my Blog ?

What do I write on my Blog? 


When I started writing my Biscuit Blog last year I struggled with trying to figure out what people actually wanted to read about. 

We think we know what to write about and then we sit down to write it and waffle on for hours, wondering who the heck is going to read this! But it feels good to just write and get into the habit of writing and I always recommend, this being the first port of call when you begin to Blog. 

Do not expect huge amounts of traffic and reaction. 

  • Build confidence.
  • Create a process.
  • Adopt a habit.

Use the first 6 months to cut your teeth in this area. Create a process for yourself and a confidence that you can actually hit publish and not turn into a large bucket of wobbly jelly.          

( food reference again!! * rubbing chin * ) 

Something very important to understand about running a business, any business is that assuming is a very dangerous thing and so the more we research and test, the better results we get.

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Start with identifying your FAQ.

What do potential clients, people you meet at markets, customers and random humans tend to ask you about your Business?

Grab a pen & paper and write down the following:

  1. What customers ask you after they purchase.
  2. What customers ask you before they purchase.
  3. What leads ask you when researching your niche. 



These questions make great Blog topics.

People need certain Q's answered when making purchasing decisions right and if you are in business a while, I bet you can nail some reoccurring Q's about what you are offering. 

Think about it, if people are asking the same sort of questions and are engaging in your offering then more often than not, these are the kind of things people are asking Google when searching online. 



Now what to do with these ideas? 

Let's think about your ideal reader.

What will he or she be interested in reading?

Readers want you to understand them and for you to answer their Q's ( why am I allergic to writing the word question? ) relieve any fears they may have around your niche and to support them.

In other words, they want you to ' solve their problems '

When you marry a FAQ with what your reader really wants to know, then you are onto something.




Next step is formulating a title to engage 

I find this bit very important for open rates on what you write plus it give you a focus to keep to when writing. ( for someone like me who has a tendency to ramble her head off! I am working on it ) 

Here are a few prompts that might help you start.

  1. Top Productivity Tips From An Experienced XXX
  2. Top 5 XXX Tips 
  3. Simple Mindset Habits To Help You With XXX
  4. Effortless XXX
  5. Daily Habits Of A XXX 
  6. 5 Inspiring Lessons for XXX ( target audience ) 
  7. Finally, The Truth about XXX ( your product review ) 
  8. The Story Of Me And XXX 
  9. XXX Is A Myth
  10. 10 Simple Tips To Handle XXX
  11. The Simple Way To Get XXX
  12. Create a Case Study
  13. Can't Find A Perfect XXX Create Your Own
  14. 5 Lessons I Have Learnt 
  15. Secrets Of A XXX


The next challenge with any form of content creation is actually


Stay accountable for what you do and find a support around you to keep you in focus.

The Biscuit Factory which is an online supportive Community for Creatives in Business provides this type of accountability and focus ( we are actually doing a Blog Challenge right now! ) 

You can dive into The Biscuit Factory here and join our FREE Community Bite The Biscuit right here! 

Jeenie mac now there's lots of invitations for ya! 

Have a great day wherever you are and always...